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Size 8’s appreciation to hubby DJ Mo backfires

Gospel singer Size 8’s appreciation of her hubby DJ Mo backfired horribly after her fans lashed out.

The singer had penned down a post thanking the deejay for being present in their daughter’s life.

She wrote; “Swity @djmokenya its not a must for you to be there for @ladashabelle for that I say thank. And to you my God every minute wambo spends with her father Lord I thank you I don’t take it for granted.”

Size 8 went on to state that fatherhood is not easy.

But the choice of words did not sit comfortably with mothers who questioned the musician if she thought motherhood was easier.

The post lit up a fire among her fans who commented that it was every father’s responsibility to be present in their child’s life and not a favour.


Bettynah commented; “Just to point out Its not a favour what dads do by them being around its a MANDATE… so thank God and congratulate Mo for being a responsible parent.”

jacque_njeri added; “I feel like your message means that fathers being there for their kids is doing a favour to the mothers….No I disagree, they should be there and telling them that it is not easy is way wrong, who said it is easy for the mothers? Today I disagree. Men should man up and raise their kids. They are not doing any favour to nobody.”

maureen_mutuku wrote; “@size8reborn i think it is a must for a dad to be present. Its a mandate that has been bestowed upon him by’s not a favor that they do to the kid.”

sheilah_kimeiywa commented; “@jacque_njeri I agree with you it is a man’s RESPONSIBILITY hakuna cha favors…mothers have been doing it so men should do it too… infact even more.”