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Size 8’s sermon mentions interfering mother-in-law’s and destiny killers

Ordained minister Size 8 hinted at possibly having marital problems before the news was broken to Kenyans on Saturday, August 28, 2022, by Nairobi News.

In the sermon, Size 8 points out that mothers-in-law can be domineering to a point where they can stifle a marriage.

The Mateke hitmaker also pointed out that sometimes, marriages can lead to the death of one’s gift, if you do not decide on what is important to you.

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On her Friday 26, revival meeting church service that was streamed live, she asked her congregants what or who was the most important thing to them.

Many mentioned Jesus Christ as the most important person to them and at the centre of their hearts.

She questioned the congregation if they would walk away from something Jesus told them to and most answered yes while some said their faith was not that strong to just move when told to move by God.

She went on to preach out of the book of Matthew 6:21.

“The devil sends demons to study you and they are the most important demons in hell. They study what you love, your reactions and so forth.

If they see what you desire, it is through this desire that they will attack you. They will make you hate and question God- to see how you view God in your life.

These things determine how we pray to God. When they go well, we are so happy, when they go bad, we cry while prostrate before God. The things that determine how we view God are the things we treasure,” said Size 8.

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Proceeding with her sermon, she revealed that she was learning the hard way that, “that it is dangerous to treasure anything or anyone above God because that which we put above Him becomes our greatest limitations and weakness to growing in Christ and being productive,” after asking herself what really mattered most in her life.

In her journey to serve God, Size 8 told the congregation that “…some things you desire God to give you separate you from your next level of elevation.”

Adding, “I don’t know about you but I got a serious revelation in my life. I desired something and God gave it to me. Today, I stand a chance of losing it if I obey what God wants me to do. If I take up my cross and follow him,” added Size 8 in part.

In another part of her sermon, she touched on the relationships between sons, their mothers and their wives, saying that she would never come between a mother and her son despite hardships.

“If you’re a mother, don’t love your son too much to the extent of hurting his woman. Don’t put this child ahead of your love for God. If you have a spouse, don’t love them more than you love God,” she said.

This sermon came a day before Kenyans woke up to the news that she and her husband, Samuel Muraya alias DJ Mo, had split.

According to a source who spoke to Nairobi News, Size 8 moved out of their matrimonial home with their two children but the couple has been pretending that everything is going on well for the sake of the business partnerships hinged on their reputation as a couple.

Size 8 and DJ Mo have not officially spoken about the alleged separation.

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