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Size of your manhood doesn’t matter, appearance does

Every woman knows that the surest way of bruising a man’s ego is joking about the size of his manhood. New scientific research now shows that size doesn’t matter after all.

Instead, what the menfolk ought to be worried about is what you see when you look at the mirror. Apparently, women are more concerned with how your nether regions look than they are bothered by the size.

Swiss researchers believe that they have worked out what women really want. And what women want, they say, is good looking members.

Doctors from the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland came to these findings following a study involving 105 study subjects from various age groups ranging from 16 to 45.

The women were asked to rate the importance of eight different aspects of the penis. These aspects included; the length, girth, shape of the penile skin, the position of the meatus (the place where the urine leaves the body), appearance of the scrotum, appearance of pubic hair and the general cosmetic appearance.

The researchers were surprised when of all these aspects, the length was rated as the sixth most important. The girth on the other hand came up at number three. The least important quality was found to be the position of the meatus. The female study subjects seemed to agree that the most important aspects are the cosmetic appearance followed by the appearance of the pubic hair.


The initial aim of the study was to find out if the position of the meatus could affect how a woman judged a penis. They wanted to see the perception on penises of men suffering from hypospadias, a condition where the hole through which urine passes is not at the tip of the penis and which is corrected through surgery.

The study was based on negative feelings from men who have undergone this surgery.

Interestingly, the women could not tell apart the penises which had undergone surgery and those ones which hadn’t.

The study titled, ‘What is a good looking penis’ which was published by The Journal of sexual medicine’s ultimate message is that there is a big disconnect between what men think women want and what the women actually want.

Most of those anxieties that men have about their penises are without basis.

Dr. Norma Ruppen the author of the study says, “The information may help prevent the development of shame or impaired genital perceptions about penile appearance.”

Unfortunately, the researchers were unable to establish which exactly are qualities of a good looking member.