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Nairobians mesmerized by skyscraper’s glass walkway

By Amina Wako April 14th, 2019 1 min read

The online community has been driven into hysteria by the glass walkway located 24 floors up Nairobi’s skyline.

The glass walkway 126 meters-high up in the sky is part of Le Mac Towers in Nairobi’s Westlands.

From the glass floor, you get a panoramic view of Nairobi.

“You no longer have to travel to spend a fortune to walk on a terrifying glass floor or bridge as it is right here in Nairobi. It is a 60mm thick see-through glass floor standing out around the property and is meant to beat the fear for heights,” Ravi Vasta, the developer, was quoted by Business Daily.

Also available on the building’s 24th floor is a rooftop swimming pool, gym, and children’s play area.

The property has offices on six floors and residential apartments on 14 floors. The 23rd floor will have a spa and a business centre.

Despite the beautiful view of the Nairobi from the building’s balcony, many Kenyans seem to shudder at the mere thought of the glass walkway.

@PureKituiHoney commented, “Halafu upate contractor alitumia windscreen to cut the cost”.

@p_kristene added, “I would walk on this confidently in China but not in Kenya?

@WhitneyOgutu stated, “This being NBO you can’t even be confident that the contractors did a solid job. ?

@JesseWeru commented,”I don’t even trust railings at highway viewpoints… at ground level.

@AbramsMarcD noted, “Some of these engineering tricks aren’t meant for Kenya. Sorry!!

@alvin_xdd added, “hapo unaweza pata walitumia glass za dirisha.