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How conniving Uber driver taught slay queen life lesson at Kamakis

September 3rd, 2018 2 min read

A cab driver’s experience with a slay queen who struck a deal with him to flaunt to her peers has lit up the internet.

One Kevin narrated his experience on a Facebook group where Uber partners and drivers document their daily experiences.

He wrote how he received a request from a slay queen whose pick up point was Kileleshwa and was using a card to pay for her trip.

“She came on board na akaniambia we’re going to pick her lady friends & I should act as if she owns the car & am her personal chauffeur. So tukaenda kupick ma slay wengine area za TRM. Ma dame kuingia stories zikaanza vile they’ve made it in life esp businesses all over. Sasa huyu mwenye ku request akaanza ku brag vile ako na uber nne & my car was hers & am her fav dere. Heheh mi nacheka tu kimoyo moyo,” Kevin wrote.


He explained how the slay queen’s orders for him to buy some dog food angered him and he ended up making a kill out of the play-act.

“Nkawapeleka kamakis bypass. Just before tufike akaniambia, “Kevo ukitu drop enda supermarket ubuy food ya doggie upeleke home” heheh nikajua na yeye atatii. Kabla niwadrop nikamshow “Madam boss leo nimezunguka sana na fuel yenye ulieka morning inaisha na haitafika kwako, please niwekee ingine” as I entered Tosha petrol station near their destination. Hahaha…sema slay queen ku sweat & since hangetaka kuji embarrass kwa ma beshte akaniekea thao moja clean. Deep inside her I know she was cursing me…I dropped them of at Greenspot kamakis and ended the trip. She kept texting me nimrudishie thao yake,” he wrote.

Some partners and drivers doubted Kevin’s story but he explained that the reason the slay queen never asked him to use the money he had worked for all day was because she needed to show her friends she was well up.