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Slim shady: 4 sneaky moves by gym instructors to fake clients’ weight loss

By Winnie Mabel December 14th, 2023 2 min read

Weight loss tends to top the list of every “new me, new lifestyle” list made by people across the world. This is because weight is something a person has to carry around for life and deal with the esteem issues that concern it.

There tend to be peak seasons when gym enrollment is high. People want to lose weight for weddings, for birthday photos, to lose baby fat, to gain a six-pack, or to get healthier by avoiding illness predispositions.

But for many, the psyche of hitting the gym daily with aspirations to become a gym rat is barely sustained past one or two months for many people.

They tire fast.

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The spirit is willing, but the body has refused. And this is where some mischievous gym instructors roll out shady tricks to keep clients around- most likely for profits and to save their jobs if they are on a salary/commission basis.

Nairobi News samples four tricks such instructors are known to use:

They alter the weight scales in the gym

Many gyms have routine weigh-in checks to see how people looking to lose weight are progressing. If an instructor happens to notice a client is not losing weight as fast as they had been assured when signing up, they alter the scales to read lighter numbers as opposed to the real numbers. A 100kg woman may end up weighing 90kg within one and a half months in the gym but weigh 98 at the doctor’s office!

They use curved glass mirrors in the gym

Many gyms spot mirrors on the wall. These mirrors are used to make the place appear more spacious and brighter. They also motivate people to watch themselves and others working out. However, some instructors now use curved glass on some of the walls. Known as the skinny mirror, curved glass mirrors make someone look thinner than they actually are. The surface of the mirror tends to be slightly curved and is unnoticeable to the trained eye.

Flowery compliments

When losing weight, certain outer parts of the body become slimmer first before others. These include the neckline, legs, and arms. While they know you are struggling with belly and back fat and are demoralized, mischievous instructors will choose to focus your attention on these parts to keep you from focusing on the problem areas so that you can keep returning to the gym- this is even though they are complimenting results that are yet to be achieved because your neckline is still fat!

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Mislabeled merchandise

There are some gyms where the instructors sell sporty goods to clients such as gym clothes. Some mischievous instructors are known to alter the labeling on clothes that are a size bigger to read smaller sizes and sell them to clients as ‘proof’ they are losing weight if they are now able to fit into smaller clothes.

Some gym instructors have mastered the art of manipulating clients’ dopamine levels. Dopamine are a feel-good hormone, and there are certain ways that they can be boosted in a person. Make a client feel good, you get to keep them and their wallets around even when the progress is slower than expected.