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Slow down, NTSA urges drivers amid heavy rains

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is urging motorists to exercise caution and responsibility when driving during the wet weather to avoid potential accidents.

According to the authority, the heavy rains experienced in most parts of the country create potentially dangerous conditions for road users.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, April 24, NTSA Road Safety Manager and Head of Strategy Samuel Musumba urged motorists to avoid the temptation of driving on flooded roads.

“As the country continues to experience very extreme weather events, with heavy rainfall in several parts of the country, we are experiencing so many challenges, including damage to our roads, bridges and other infrastructure, which poses serious dangers to our drivers and increases the risk of road accidents and incidents. We are all deeply concerned about the safety of our roads at this time; motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists appear to be at very high risk on our roads,” he said.

The department also advised motorists to reduce their speed to effectively navigate these slippery surfaces and minimise the risk of losing control.

“We therefore urge motorists to follow the following safety guidelines at all times. Reduce your speed, increase your following distance to reduce the risk of rear-end collisions and ensure your headlights are on during the day to improve visibility for yourself and other road users,” he said.

As of Tuesday, April 23, heavy rains across Kenya in recent days have so far killed at least 38 people, displaced more than 11,000 and forced hundreds from their homes, according to the Kenya Red Cross Society.

It added that more than 188 people had been rescued since the rains began in March, with 27,716 hectares under water, 4,824 livestock lost and 23 counties affected.

The Kenya Meteorological Department said the rains would continue in various parts of the country for the next seven days.

“Flooding is expected in low-lying areas, flood plains and urban areas with poor drainage,” said David Gikungu, director of the meteorological department.

Landslides could also occur on steep slopes where the soil is saturated, he added.

Gikungu has advised road users to be extra cautious as visibility is likely to be reduced during heavy rainfall.

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