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Smiling in heaven: Kambua’s pregnancy memory with late son, Malachi

Kenyan gospel singer and media personality Kambua Manundu has recently shared that she couldn’t bring herself to post photos of her baby bump with her late son, Malachi.

Kambua lost Malachi earlier last year, and she explained that posting the pregnancy photos would have triggered her emotions and caused her heart to ache.

Despite her loss, Kambua has found healing and peace within herself, and she celebrates the memories she has of her son through the hundreds of photos she took during her pregnancy.

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Kambua took to Instagram to share her message, encouraging other grieving parents not to give up and to know that God, the healer, and comforter, can help them through their pain.

She also expressed her gratitude for the support and love she has received during this difficult time, and she hopes to uplift others who may be going through similar experiences.

Kambua and her husband welcomed their first child together after almost seven years of marriage. Although their time with Malachi was brief, Kambua finds comfort in knowing that he is with Jesus and will be a part of her future.

Her message is one of hope and encouragement for all parents who have lost a child, reminding them that healing and peace can come with time.

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In a world that often glamorizes the perfect picture and social media posts, Kambua’s honesty and vulnerability in sharing her story is a refreshing reminder that life is not always perfect, but we can find beauty and strength in our struggles.

She has found a way to honor her son’s memory and embrace the healing process, and her message of hope is a beacon for others who may be navigating the difficult journey of grief.

In the end, Kambua’s message is powerful: to hold onto the memories of those we have lost and find comfort in the knowledge that they will always be a part of our lives.

Despite the pain and heartache, we can find hope and peace and continue to celebrate the beauty of life, even in the midst of sorrow.

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