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Jowie ‘finds love’ again

Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, may be facing several challenges in his day-to-day life but finding love is apparently not one of them.

In the recent incident, the masculine Jowie has shared a picture of an elusive woman on his Insta-stories, eliciting mixed reactions from his followers.

In the photo, Jowie, who’s dated TV girl Jacque Maribe in the past, is seen seated, while wrapping his hands around a woman who’s hidden her face.

She is wearing a red hoodie and hat.

Jowie captioned the photo; “Nisi ulizwe swali’’ loosely translated to, “Nobody should question me’ with a laugh emoji at the end.

Jowie is, alongside Maribe, battling murder charges in relation to the death of business woman Monica Kimani who was found dead at a Nairobi apartment in 2018.

The deceased’s throat had been sliced, Police say.

He was released from jail in March 2020 and after confirming he’d split with Maribe while in jail immediately got close with model Eleanor Musangi alias Ella.

The two even reported they were ‘married’ only for Ella to later suggest she lied so as to help him be released on bail.

“I mentioned I met Jowie through divine intervention, which is true, but the claims that we were married was a lie. I lied about being married to protect Jowie for legal reasons because of his court release. I stated that, so he could be allowed to live in Nairobi as the police on his case had to be aware of where or who he’s with,” she said.

And Maribe has, in an interview, described her relationship with Jowie as ‘romance from hell’.