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Smriti Vidyarthi: Why Mark Masai and I were meant to be TV news co-hosts

It is not by coincidence or luck but it was simply meant to be. These are the sentiments of NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi as to why she and her co-host Mark Masai are the best paired news anchors.

Smriti has revealed that she and Masai usually discuss their on air wardrobe colours before going on air. But one particular day her co-host forget to get back to her on the colours he will be wearing.

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She then decided to wear whatever colour she wanted and she chose peach. To her surprise Masai also made an appearance wearing the same colours without them having discussed about it.

“Whenever we’re anchoring together, we always discuss our wardrobe colours beforehand, to ensure we don’t clash terribly. Yesterday, @mark_masai was meant to get back to me about his colours, but forgot. I decided to wear whatever I wanted to, and said to myself “if he happens to have any peach in his outfit, then we are definitely meant to be partners” – Lo and behold; peach dress, peach shirt, peach tie. MEANT TO BE – or maybe just coincidence 😂 But the true story is that when we saw each other, we 😂👊🏽🫂 and concluded that we are just meant-to-be partners on 📺,” Smriti narrated.

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Their on air chemistry has been a topic of discussion for many of their fans. In 2020 during the peak of Covid-19 in the country Smriti narrated how she had to adopt to not reading news together with Masai after being put on different shifts.

She said ended up not seeing her co-anchor for four months. Before Covid-19, she said, she was accustomed to hugging him daily when she got to work and sharing a friendly banter before they anchored the 9pm news.

Vidyarthi and Masai joined the Nation Media Group in 2008 and have been working together as news co-anchors for more than 11 years now.

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