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SMS ‘reveals’ final moments of a female student in Garissa attack

A heart-breaking text message has emerged online revealing the chilling final moments of a terrified female student desperately appealing for help from her boyfriend.

Somebody took a screenshot of the SMS, which is written in sheng (slang), and shared it online.

It reads: “aki beb tumefikiwa, ile cube ya nancy wameshutiwa wote aki mtuombee wanakuja uku sis ndio nxt kwani uko nje kuko aje kdf hawako huku aki pls waambie tunauliwa aki wakuje watusaidie, beb incase nikose kukuona tena jst kno i love yu and i wl alwys love yu, aki beb bye and pray for us niko na mily pia..May God hlp us.

The heart-breaking SMS
The heart-breaking SMS

(Please babe, they are getting to us. Everyone in Nancy’s cube has been shot dead. Please pray for us. They are coming here; we are next. How’s the situation outside? Kenya Defence Forces are not here yet. Please tell them we are being killed; let them come to our rescue. Babe, in case I never see you again, just know I love you and will always love you. Bye babe and pray for us. I’m with Milly also…May God help us).”

The Nairobi News could not independently authenticate the message.

It is also unclear if the sender survived the attack, although most people posting the picture online are captioning it Rest In Peace.

In addition, the message, received through a Safaricom line, was delivered at 9.42 p.m. when the siege had already ended.