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SNAPPY 7: Avril – When it comes to women, Kenyan men are all talk and nothing

Sexy singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi better known as Avril to her fans graces Snappy 7 this week to talk about her life and music career.

1. What was the inspiration behind your song, Yule Dame? – The song was for me to remind myself that I am that girl and also to empower other women. Most of the times we forget to remind ourselves the journeys we have taken and you feel so depressed and long for a better future. You end up longing for things which are not with you and you forget that the things you went through and what you are going through now can not equate. The song was written by Amileena.

2. How was it working with Kenrazy on Zile Vitu? – It was fun. This song has been in the making for the past four years. After the Samawati Awards, where I won best female and he won best male awards, he told me that we needed to do something together. The video was shot in Eldoret, the home of champions.

3. Is doing so many collaborations your way of experimenting with different genres of music? – For me I think it is the versatility I have with my voice. Most of the time when I meet different artistes I find myself gelling with them very well. I do learn from them despite me being an R&B singer, we also have different genres of singers out here. All these genres have taught me different things and I totally enjoy it.

4. What do you think the youth can do to make Kenya a better place? – As a young person I am very passionate and I try to make social responsibility by talking to young girls. I always tell them to be responsible. I will never tell them not to have sex but to be responsible. If a man doesn’t have a condom, carry one, because the moment you are responsible for yourself you are responsible for the whole society and the entire community. Its cooler taking care of yourself as compared to living a risky behavior.

5. As a public figure, do you ever get calls from men? – Kenyan men are very disciplined, they like to talk a lot on the 140 character but when it comes to the real deal they can’t live to the expectation. When I walk on the streets they just stare at me. Its only girls who say hi to me, but when it comes to Twitter, they (men) are there.

6. What is the worst thing that has ever been said about you on social media? – I have a list. Bulling is rampant on social media and I have been one of the people who has been on the receiving end of some people’s frustrations. I have developed a tough skin and sometimes I have fun with it. Once in a while I go back and forth with them. Sometime it is therapeutic when some who doesn’t know you says something negative about you, I do the same.

7. What should we expect from you in the future? – New sounds, different new music. Also challenging myself in the movie production. My year is already set.