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SNAPPY 7: Dr Kingori – I’m the chairman of ‘team dry spell’

He is funny and his weekly show, The Wicked Edition on NTV, where he plays a cynical news anchor, has kept his growing audience entertained.

Dr Kingori, as he is popular known, has been doing standup comedy for the past few years. He took time from his busy schedule to talk to Nairobi News and told us what drives him to do what he does.

1. Tell us who Dr Kingori is? – Kingori is the name, Dr is the tag because laughter is the best medicine. Otherwise Kingori is just a regular name.

2. How did you get into comedy? – Comedy found me. I think there are people out there who owe me because I used to make them laugh when I was young and I didn’t know I could get paid to do it.

3. How has Wicked Edition impacted your personal life and how is the reception? – It has kept me so busy that I do not have time to relax. We are on our third episode now and we have set the standards to do comedy based on facts. We have to do research and make sure we have all the information. We are a big team and it is not about me alone. I think that is a good perception to do comedy. The show has been well received.

4. Are you dating? – I am the chairman of team dry spell and I’m not relinquishing that position. I’m not in a relationship right now, but I am raising my young daughter as a single father. She is the lady in my life right now and she is the greatest joy of my life.

5. What is your most embarrassing moment? – I was on stage and someone shouted that my zip was open and just the idea that my zip was open distracted me and I was unable to have a comeback. As a comedian when something like that happens, you should be ready with a comeback but that threw me off. For me that was very embarrassing.

6. What is your greatest fear in life? – I fear fighting. For now I’m looking for a woman who can run, because if you find yourself in trouble I will not defend you but I will run away, so you should be able to run.

7. What has been the most satisfying experience in your career and also what is your take on Kenya’s comedy industry? – Every comedian you talk to will tell you that the moment you walk on stage and the audience gets what you are saying will be one’s highlight. Comedy is about bringing people to your line of thought. But if you go back to where we started, things have greatly changed. People now are getting to know what standard comedy is. I’m glad that I can do comedy and people understand and at the end they have something to discuss about what you have said.