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SNAPPY 7: Jovial – Listen to local talent before turning to foreign music

She has been singing for the last few years and she is well known in Mombasa, now Jovial has turned her eyes to Nairobi. The musician has just moved to the city and she says she hopes Nairobi will receive her well.

She sat down with Nairobi News to talk about herself and her future plans are.

1. How did you meet Jua Kali and how was it working with him? – I met him through my current manager before he became my manager. He contacted Jua Kali through Facebook and told him that I was a good singer and if he could listen to some of my songs. I think Jua Kali liked my work and after a few weeks he called me and told me to come to Nairobi and then we did my first single Sina Tabu. He is a nice guy and he opened a lot of doors for me, because before that song I was unknown and now I’m getting calls to go and perform.

2. Briefly tell us about yourself? – My name is Juliet Ayub Miriam and my stage name is Jovial. I’m half Tanzanian half Luhya. I was born and raised in Mombasa and I am a single mother. I’m an only child who attended school in Mombasa. Being a Christian I’m also a God fearing person.

3. Do you write your own songs and how would you describe your genre? – If you look at all my songs, I have recorded them with only one producer because he understands me and knows what I like. Mostly we write the songs together after he has laid down the beat. My music is afro fusion.

4. What inspired your song, Unakosa Raha? – One day I sat down and thought of what entertainers go through their life and then it came to me. As you know you will find that most of us will be stalked by strangers who call you and write you letters. That is one reason why I wrote Unakosa Raha. Apart from that, if you are in a relationship may be your partner will sometimes not understand the lifestyle of entertainment and at the end you find it straining the relationship. I like to write and sing songs that touch on our community and I knew the song will resonate will a lot of people.

5. How do you juggle between single motherhood and music? – You have to be a mother all the time but before I moved to Nairobi, I would find it difficult being away from my daughter. I try to balance the two so that my child gets proper parenting while I also try to entertain and sing at the same time.

6. Being new in Nairobi, how do you find it? – I will not lie to you because I do not know the city well and I have gotten lost on a few occasions but I love it here. People in Nairobi are so active and not lazy, they know what they want and they work double what a person in Mombasa will. As a human being it gives you motivation, so I love it here.

7. What message do you have for your fans? – To those who have supported me I would like to thank them and those who haven’t please do. I would like them to accept me as a musician and an entertainer here in Kenya. Also give me a chance and I know I will go far with their support. The problem that we have is as Kenyans we love to listen to foreign music yet we have talented people here. All I can do is tell them to support local talent first.