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SNAPPY 7: Kyki – The dis track was just to make people notice me

Kyki is her name, but she prefers to call herself the underrated female MC in Kenya. To prove her point, this past week she released a dis track calling out all the MC’s in Kenya.

Her track titled Kuku Mwitu, came just days after another rapper, Njeri, released Conoka (Femiplan), which a hit back at Femi One’s Pilau Njeri.

She spoke to Nairobi News about why she made her statement known and what next she is planning.

1. Who is Kyki? – I’m Kyki, borne and raised in Mombasa. I attended school in Nairobi. Kyki is the underrated lyrical genius in Kenya, a rapper and MC.

2. How did you get into rapping? – Life pushed me into rapping. When you are out there you see the world in a different dimension. To me I just started rapping.

3. What motivated you to do the dis track Kuku Mwitu? – I had to put myself out there because no one knew who I was. The reason for the dis track was for people to know that there is a female MC out there who can do better than they can. People know who Femi One is but now they know who I am, and it has given me more gas to go hard and I got what exactly what I wanted to achieve. The hate is there but I’m loving all the attention I’m getting.

4. Apart from Kuku Mwitu, what other songs have you done? – My first song was a free style song with Niki Minaj beats. Then I did a song called Voices which was also a free style. Then we did a song called Sisi Ndio Hao which had six female rappers but the response was not what we expected.

5. Why did you go ham on other rappers in Kuku Mwitu? – Femi One put out the first dis track so I just went after her. I don’t know Njeri, I just knew she was a rapper from Ndumberi. Sossun is just too local. Khaligraph? What really does he say? Too much English, but what does he say? Get to his lyrics, what does he say? STL, MDQ, Nazizi, yes they are veterans but they should be on another league and I should not be outshining you.

6. Who is your role model? – Lyrically, there are some people I look up to but they were not that lyrically as I am. Internationally, people like Lil Kim, MC Lyte. In Kenya when you make it you should think international and not just relax.

7. What are your future plans? – For me now it is going to be serious music, and going international. After the dis track there is something I call beef tenderizer called Avocado to cool things down.