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Snappy 7 – Pitson: I have my sights on a parliamentary seat

January 31st, 2016 2 min read


From his controversial hit song, Lingala ya Yesu, to being labelled a “dictator”, Peterson Githinji, popular known as Pitson, now says he will be joining politics in the near future. In an interview with Nairobi News the high riding musician also talked about the joy of being a dad. Excerpts:

1. Who is Pitson and is he different from Peterson Githinji – There’s a very big difference between the two. Peterson is a laid back individual who likes to be simple but Pitson is the stylist, the musician, the person you see in the videos. Peterson will never have this hair style but Pitson does.

2. Childhood I was born and raised in Eastleigh in a family of four siblings, two boys and two girls. Am the third born. We lived in a one- roomed house. My parents were jobless; my father was a street preacher and my mother a housewife. Life was really hard for us. However, things have since changed for my family. We are not there yet. I went to Eastleigh High School and then joined Inorero University to study Law. I later went to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology for a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

3. Unwinding – I like to play video games and one of my favorite one, I must say, is FIFA 15. Apart from video games I also love swimming and now that I’m a dad I also love spending time with my wife and daughter. I now know how to bathe the baby and change diapers.

4. Why gospel music  I was a banker before I quit to do music full time. I started singing in Sunday School and every other Sunday, I looked forward to church because I knew I had a gift in me, which I wanted to utilise. I didn’t stop there. When I went to high school, I also sang during the church service and other events. I perfected my singing prowess while in campus. I must say that my childhood church, Christian Restoration Ministries, played a big role in making me a better musician. I cannot sing songs that I don’t understand so that’s why I do Gospel, because its what I know.

5. Lingala ya Yesu controversy – When Lingala ya Yesu came out, the Church had their own opinion, they didn’t accept it as a gospel song. Honestly, you can’t please everyone. The road to success never lacks criticism. If no one is talking about you, then you are not moving. We have to move on from the old songs because times are changing.

6. Politics – Yes, I have always wanted to be a politician, but my name will not be in the ballot next year. For now because I have a young family, I would love them to be a little mature before I start campaigning.

7. Are you really a “dictator” – What I can say is that I’m a perfectionist. So I will not say that I’m not a dictator because I love everything I do to be perfect but I will not defend the title of me being called a dictator. I’ve always been a leader in everything I ventured into. I like things done my way. It’s either my way or the highway.