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SNAPPY 7: Rufftone

Fresh from being reappointed the goodwill ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Kenyan gospel musician Roy Smith Mwatia, better known as Rufftone, sat down with Nairobi News and got candid about his life.

1. Family – It’s tough, being a new dad, but my beautiful daughter Karen happens to be the best gift Krystal and I could ever have asked for. I have to apologize to my wife for always being on the road. Whenever I’m home I always help her whichever way I can. The only thing I don’t do is changing diapers. I’m still learning on how to do it. That said, we are a very happy family.

2. Church – I try my best to attend church service every time I can. I’ve never thought of becoming a priest because that is not my calling. God gave me the talent to sing and that is how I spread the gospel.

3. Food – My favourite dish is rice and stew. I also love cooking when I’m home. In fact, am a better cook than my wife Krystal. I know she won’t be happy I said this…

4. Music – I have a new single coming out in December called Sirudi. I’ve just returned from Qatar where we did the video shoot. That explains why my hair looks the way it does.

5. Working out – At the moment I’ve taken a break from the gym. I know I need to get back on shape because I have put on a lot of weight recently. My excuse is that I walk a lot and jump up and down too when I’m performing. That is like working out for me. But I will get back to the gym soon.

6. Role model – I look up to President Uhuru Kenyatta. From where I stand, he has everything under control. I love the fact that he is in touch with issues on the ground. He’s also a young, energetic and charming leader unlike any of the president we’ve ever had.

7. Style – I have my own fashion line called Ruff wear. We do everything from t-shirts to jeans. As for my personal taste, I like dressing in a simple way.

8. Alternative career – I would be an actor if I wasn’t singing. During my high school days I loved acting a lot. It’s something that am still passionate about and I hope to get an acting gig soon. Also, music and acting compliment one another most of the time, like when you shoot music videos you also have to act the part.