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SNAPPY 7: Sheila Kwamboka – Who I sleep with is none of your business

Sheila Kwamboka is best known as one of the 12 housemates on the third season of the reality television competition Big Brother Africa, in 2008.

She returned to Big Brother Africa in 2010 as one of the 14 “all stars” of Season 5, titled Big Brother All Stars.

She is outspoken and an extrovert. She describes herself as a “people person” and is proud of the fact that she accepts her faults.

She got candid with Nairobi News and bashed people who always say she is a lesbian.

Briefly tell us about yourself

I grew up in Nairobi but my mother is from Kisii. We moved a lot when I was growing up and I can literary say I have a PhD of folding things and moving out quick. I did all my studies here in Nairobi.

What has changed since you left Big Brother?

A lot. Before Big Brother I was just one of your natural girls in Nairobi, but here’s a fun fact I was miss tourism Kenya. I was once a reporter at K24

After I did big brother everything opened up for me and I traveled a lot and it opened up my eyes a lot but my true passion was to be back home doing what I love.

How has the experience been since the inception of Industry Night?

There is something lacking in our music industry so that is why I decided to start it because there is a lot of talent that is going down the drain. If you are an upcoming musician, you find that there is no one to help you or guide you through or even mentor you.

We are looking at opening resource centers across the country, a place where you can go as a musician, or if you think you want to learn how to play an instrument you can go there, especially the local traditional instruments, a rehearsal space and also a studio.

Apart from Industry Night what else do you do?

I like to laugh, make fun of other people, also I do like my space, traveling and reading.

My number one passion is radio and I host a show every evening at Home Boy’s Radio. Before Industry Night there is Radio. It’s something I always wanted to do but I never got the chance to do until HBR gave me the opportunity after applying and not succeeding to various media houses.


There are rumours that you are a Lesbian, is it true?

I always wonder with those people. Are you heterosexual? Are you a Lesbian? Are you gay? You see it doesn’t matter and I don’t care to answer because who I sleep with is none of your business. To me that is irrelevant.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

They are many, from falling on stage which to me means its gravity. But the most embarrassing one was when I was on stage celebrating the second anniversary of Industry Night and when we were about to cut the cake my pants split at the back.

Everyone was looking at me because it was my event and I was left wondering what to do. Luckily I had a jacket which I wrapped around my waist and covered by open crack, people didn’t notice. I was lucky.

Any word of advice for upcoming musicians?

To me, music will never fade away and we need people to come out and support the youth, instead of going out to drink a Sh30k bottle, yet there is someone out there whom you can help to kick start their career.

If you really want to be a musician just go out there and do it. It is everyone’s responsibility to take part and do something fantastic for the future.