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SNAPPY 7: Sleepy David – Churchill intimidated me when I first met him

Comedian Sleepy David, aka Sleepy, speaks at length to Nairobi News about his comedy career and the need to nurture fresh talent. Excerpts:

1. Why did you choose to do comedy? – I did not choose to do comedy, it chose me. Its like a calling. It was not like I woke up one day and decided that I will be a comedian. I started doing skits when I was young, from church to school. I have always done comedy. I’m still making people laugh and I’m not stopping.

2. How is Sleepy like at home? – Sleepy at home is still a comedian. My mother sometimes writes for me jokes and tells me to use them, but I have never used any because they are only funny to her.

3. Tell us about your background? – I was raised up in the countryside and it was amazing. I liked getting dirty and going for swimming in the river and getting punished by the toughest mother of all.

4. How did you meet Churchill? – I first met him as a fan and took a picture with him. After performing twice at Churchill Raw he called me one day and told me to keep doing what I was doing because people loved me. At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about and I just kept shaking my head in agreement. He later introduced me to his show as a student from KU, and here I am now. I was intimidated by him.

5. Has any of your jokes been stolen and is it difficult to write new material every week? – Yeah they have been stolen, but it is okay let them do it as long as they are learning from my work. It is not difficult to write new material every day because Kenyans are crazy. You wake up every morning and find out that something crazy has happened.

6. Are you dating? – No, I’m single and to all the single women out there I can also be your ‘bea’. I am funny, we can cook together and do all those things together.

7. What’s next for Sleepy? – A better Sleepy, I want to see my art grow and do a special for people, just me performing alone on stage. I have not done that. My team and I are also looking to do a tour across the country in November called Not A Laughing Matter. We will moving across the country, talking to and listening to young people’s problems and guiding them, empowering and letting them be hopeful.