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SNAPPY 7: Victoria Kimani – I can’t think of anyone that I’m dying to work with in Kenya – VIDEO

Victoria Kimani, finally released her highly anticipated album titled “Safari”. The singer, who is signed by Chocolate City, is in Kenya to promote her debut album.

To wet the appetite of her teeming fans, she also released the official music video to her Sarkodie assisted track titled “Giving You” off the “Safari” album.

She sat down with Nairobi News and talked about her childhood and what she expects in her future.

1. Tell us about your album, Safari – Safari is my first album and I’m very proud of the work I have been able to put together. The name Safari is the easiest way to wrap up my life at this point, because I have been traveling since I was a child.

My parents are missionaries and they moved around a lot and now to my adult life and my career, I have also been moving around a lot. I’m trying to push my music out there to the world and wave the Kenyan flag. It’s my baby, it’s my pride right now.

2. Did you ever consider being a missionary like your parents? – I have and I do have my own ministry and it may not be like sitting in a church but I do move around the world and I inspire a lot of girls. I do want to follow on their footsteps. My parents have a childrens’ orphanage with 15 children and I would also like to open my own sometimes.

3. Tell us about your song with (Ghanian musician) Sarkodie, Giving You? – I wrote the song and Sarkodie from Ghana wrote his part. It showcases my RnB, pop side, I have a background of song writing and I used to write songs for other artists.

Now I’m glad that I can write a song and sing it and not to give it away. The album is online and it is an explicit album. Sarkodie encouraged me to put out the clean version because he has a lot of children fans.

4. What mistakes have you made along the journey to be where you are? – When I get by someone, I literary cut them off my life completely, that is one of my mistakes. But now I’m learning that you have to deal with people and if someone offends you sometimes they don’t mean it.

5. How do you think your former classmates would describe you? – As a stranger. I have never spent more than two years in one school across the world. My parents were always moving. I don’t really have like any schoolmates that I have kept in touch with, but I do have one friend who we have kept in touch with on Facebook.

6. What are the five things in your bucket list? – Get married and have a family, collaborate with Kanye West, become friends with Beyonce, go deep sea diving and would love to open a lot of children’s homes across Africa.

7. Which Kenya artist would you like to collaborate with? – I wanted to work with Wyre and I did, I wanted to work with King Kaka and I did. At this moment I can’t think of anyone that I’m dying to work with. In terms of Kenyan artist I think I have accomplished with all the people I wanted to work with.