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Social media influencers join campaign to expose manipulative organizations

Social media influencers have joined the online campaign to expose organizations that have been exploiting them.

It all started through the hashtag #paymodelsKe with Kenyan models revealing how they have been suffering in silence.

Some of the models lamented the suffering they are often subjected to by corporates and organisers during pageants and photo shoots.

These range from sexual exploitation, working for free, delayed payments and unpaid dues.

But in a fresh twist to the saga, social media influencers have narrated their own stories of similar frustrations under the hashtag #payinfluencersKe.

Influencers are mostly used by brands to help market the brands product(s) on the influencer’s social media timelines.

A brand usually target influencers with large number of followers and pays for their product to be marketed.

But from the discussions on the hashtag, this is not always the case, with some brands often failing to keep their end of the deal.