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Socialite Amber Ray asked women about men on their hit lists. It rained names!

By Mercy Wahito October 10th, 2019 2 min read

Infidelity in relationships is a familiar topic when it comes to marriages and relationships in society. It is a trend to have two or more partners in this millennial era.

Often times, it’s the men who are ready to admit and discuss their illicit affairs. But that seems to be changing.

Famous social Faith Makau also known as Amber Ray ignited fire on Instagram with the a thought-provoking question, and women from all corners spilled the beans on the men they would love to bed.

“Ladies, is it just me or do you have a hit list too? Be honest,” wrote Amber.

From the responses, the women seem to be fascinated by some men such as the “Mathogothanio” hit maker Don from the Sailors gang also known as KRG the don, gospel artiste Weezdom, singer Otile Brown, actor Nick Mutuma, Dan Sonko, Diamond Platinumz and Burna Boy, among others.

They made intense confessions stating that they would not mind cheating on their partners as long as they were given at least one chance with some of these these men.

Some cheeky women even said they would want to have piece of Amber’s ex-husband Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda. The socialite had been married as the second wife.


Politicians such Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and self-proclaimed billionaire and business tycoon Stephen Mbogo are also targets for some of the women.

Famous deejays such as DJ Nickdee and DJ Ruffest Moh were also listed. Here are a few confessions:

“I stopped counting at 184 , siku hizi napeana tu..”

“Nilitaka weezdom and otile …weezdom nishamaliza imebaki otile, then nakuwa faithful sasa..”

“You not alone my biggest target ni politicians lo, I want joho like now and Stephen mbogo alafu mwisho jamal yule…”

“KRG the don is a killer.. wow,,but I have texted him na hajareply…”

“Niitie ruffest Djmoh uone vile nitahepa job saa hii…”

“The most wanted was my husband’s best friend hio nishamaliza back to the list…”