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Socialite Amber Ray reveals relationship struggles with baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray has taken to her socials to hint at a troubled chapter in her life.

In a series of cryptic messages, the mother of two suggested her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, the father of her children, has hit a rocky patch.

Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, known for her lavish lifestyle and candid presence on social media, shared a series of posts expressing her emotional turmoil.

In one of her heartfelt messages, she alluded to the strains in her relationship, emphasizing the emotional toll it had taken.

“The love and unity that a marriage should stand on becomes blurred, and eventually it leaves you drained,” Amber Ray confessed.

“I have been in that environment for a while now, and my peace and safety have made it impossible for me to stay.

The bruises and scars go beyond the physical, and for my own sake, I have to choose me.”

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The socialite further hinted at the challenging times she anticipates in the near future.

“I know it will be a long couple of days/weeks for me, but I’d rather be at peace inside than project a false haven on the outside. I’d rather speak my truth than let gossip tarnish what I have built for me and my family thus far. Things in my household have not been okay… but they will be. My family will be okay. And eventually, I will be okay,” she added.

In her message, Amber Ray also shared her thoughts on the impact of an unhealthy home environment on children.

“I have always been a champion for love and marriage, knowing too well the joys of having a family. Having kids that look up to you, cherish and adore you because all you can do is give them what you never had, plus much more,” she said.

“But in the absence of a loving environment, the care and compassion that children need to develop and grow in becomes nonexistent.”

Amber Ray delved even deeper into her feelings in another lengthy post, where she discussed the purity of love and the importance of self-love and self-respect.

She shared her belief that love thrives when individuals learn to love themselves and set healthy boundaries in relationships.

“Love is what unites them both and inspires them to build, grow, prosper, and experience life together. But love only prospers in its purity when you, as an individual, learn to love yourself. Learn to trust your instincts, and learn to be guided by positive affirmations about who you are and what you are capable of,” she elaborated.

Amber Ray also touched upon the sensitive issue of domestic violence, acknowledging the societal reluctance to address it openly.

“Knowing too well about how society keeps its mouth shut on domestic violence, I won’t use my platform to sing the same song over and over again,” she stated.

“It hurts letting your fears and conditioning take over, making you stay when you know you should leave.”

This is the third time the two have allegedly broken up since they started dating in 2022.