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Socialite Huddah Munroe spells conditions for ‘wife number two’

Huddah Monroe suggests she would not mind being a co-wife of a ‘wealthy’ husband.

In a series of messages on IG, the socialite however provided conditions for the per-person sharing relationship.

These include being the first wife, and ensuring the lucky man has the means to take care of both wives.

“I don’t mind my man taking in a second wife if he is wealthy and can take care of us because I don’t imagine me servicing my man for the rest of my life,” she explained.

“At some point, I will be exhausted. He will be too lol. Everyone gets tired with time.”

She also suggested men love adventure and it is, thus, better if he has options to work with.

“At 50 you can’t be turning me around for some styles. Go get yourself a young woman.”

Although the idea of open relationships in Kenya is not openly discussed, the socialite cum entrepreneur has shown her willingness to adopt the idea.

She recently also claimed she would never leave a man for cheating but would leave a stingy man

The controversial Huddah has also been on spot after openly declaring she does not wear undies saying those who wear them have stinking private parts.

“Panties are for people with smelly private parts I think you need them to trap that odour. Panties give me infections too. I’m too fresh to stress to my yoni.”

The 30-year-old ekes a living from modeling, product promotion, and sale of beauty products.