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Socialite Risper Faith describes her near death experience at night club

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has narrated what she says was a near-death experience with a mystery man she met at an entertainment joint in Nairobi.

The businessman, in an online interview, says she once fell prey to a predator who initially appeared friendly and even offered her drinks.

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“I was new in Nairobi, and a friend of mine invited me to come and stay with her as I try to figure out my life. I was still in school and looking to transfer to a town campus,” she explained.

Which led to her first outing.

“My friend convinced me to go clubbing with some friends. We didn’t have money but this friend insisted we go and suggested because of my big behind, men would get attracted and buy us drinks. True to her word, when I started dancing, men were attracted to my body.”

She was approached by a mystery man who offered to buy drinks.

“This man approached me, and because of the loud music, he asked me to step out so we could have a chat. He told me he was heading out to sort some errands and he wanted her to escort him.”

“When we entered the car, he offered me miraa, which I refused. When he was driving, he constantly kept pulling my dress up, and I would resist but he kept patting my hands whenever I did,”

The socialite recalled how her intuition kept telling her that the man was planning to harm her.

“Thank God I was not drunk. When he left the car to go to the room, I opened the door and fled. I did not know where I was running to, but I ran barefoot to wherever I could get help. As I was running, I noticed there was a car following me and when I looked, it was the guy coming after me.”

She ran towards a group of motorcycle riders who offered her help.

But the circus was not about to end as the mystery man claimed she was his wife.

“He told the boda boda men I’m his wife who had ran away from home and left the kids. I screamed and told the motorbike guys I did not know the man but they didn’t want to get involved,”

Meanwhile, the man was pulling her by her hair to the point where she started bleeding. In what Risper described as a miracle, a police patrol vehicle passed by and she screamed trying to get their attention.

The man was eventually arrested.