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Socialite Vera Sidika to star in a new Hollywood-made reality show – VIDEO

Socialite Vera Sidika will star in an upcoming reality show, The Pearls of Beverly Hills, that was shot in Hollywood.

The social media celebrity took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to break the news to her followers.

She said the television show will feature other female heavyweights from different countries in Africa.

“So much drama on this one! Top boss ladies from different countries in Africa, come together to bring you the most exciting reality show that will have you on the edge of your seat The Pearls Of Beverly Hills,” announced Vera.

Sadly for her Kenyan fans, the show will be in French.  No premier date has been set yet but it is expected to premier soon.

Vera’s first stint in reality television was on Nairobi Diaries. She was among the first lot of socialites to star in the show in 2016 before calling it quits after one season.

She accused the show’s producers of tarnishing her image for the sake of high ratings.

“Got my Mind made up. For those asking why it is my business questioning people about stuff; kindly ask the producers,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

“I do what I’m asked to cause its work at the end of the day but people judging & claiming u poking your nose on people business when it’s not as it looks is sad,” she continued.