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Socialite Vera Sidika with a new catch after Otile Brown?

Socialite Vera Sidika seems to be love struck just days after a bitter break up with singer Otile Brown.

Vera used cocky Swahili to pour glowing praise on the prowess of a yet to be known person.

“Unajua hadi unakera,” she wrote on Insta stories, before adding, “fundi,” with a surrender emoji.

Sidika had on Saturday shared a photo of herself having lunch, but she did not include her lunch date in the photo.

Interestingly Tanzanian model Calisah was pictured in a similar table setup complete with Vera’s purse. He too did not reveal his lunch date.

The two on Sunday evening had Insta stories that featured a certain Java dinner, date but again each didn’t reveal with whom they were having dinner.

Just hours after the curious lunch and dinner photos, Vera wrote of how someone was a master of his game referring to the person as “fundi.”

Calisah has been in Kenya and is gunning to become Mr Africa in the finals set for December 2.