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Socialite Zari under fire for offering Nairobi ladies ‘free cancer’

Ugandan-born socialite Zari Hassan was roasted online after offering Nairobi ladies “free cancer” during her upcoming trip in May.

Zari had posted on Instagram an announcement of ‘Colour Purple’ concert that will be held at Uhuru Gardens on Lang’ata Road.

The concert will have a “free cancer”, she said .

In fairness, she  meant to say a ‘free cancer screening’ session.


The blunder costed her big time as Nairobi women called her names for offering ‘free cancer’.

The socialite quickly edited her Insta post but not before screenshots had been taken and shared widely.

On Facebook, a women’s group dissected the screenshot by calling out Zari.

One member wrote; “Zari is such a big brand to make silly mistakes! Hata kama English is not her first language. Damn??”

Another commented; “Yaani nilipee 1000 nipewe cancer then I spend millions treating it?¿ I swear witchcraft is REAL”

A member mocked her; “Zari my dear, rusungu si mdomo chako.”

Another commented; “Ushindwe kwenyu Uganda kwa white party utaweza Kenya in purple and worst thing utupe cancer.”

One stated; “Walimu wa English! So you want to crucify her because of a simple grammatical error? Y’all should take this positively.”

Another added; “I wonder why do people still hate on Zari aliwaondokea kwa Diamond…Zari amejinyamazisha anafanya vitu zake tu but haters are still on her neck na majority I know in jobless kazi ni Facebook tu kutukanana huku mscheeeeew.”

Here is the corrected Insta post after the initial goof.

Zari recently broke up with Tanzanian artist Diamond Platinumz who arrived in Kenya on Monday for the launch of his “A Boy from Tandale” album.