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Socialite’s gospel song goes viral, but for the wrong reasons – VIDEO

Nairobi socialite Sasha Diva has killed YouTube with her poorly produced songs that have irked users.

Sasha Diva, who recently joined the cast of Nairobi Diaries, has been producing a series of songs and uploading them on her YouTube channel.

The quality of the songs is however wanting and her co-star Bridget Achieng told her as much on the show.

Bridget said that as her friend she had noticed Sasha Diva’s latest release was poorly produced.

Sasha blamed the low quality on her team of producers that often lets her down.

“It’s not about the money coz for me I pay for my music, but at the end of the day you get what the producer decides,” Sasha explained to Bridget.


“She has five pathetic music videos, please Kenyans lets help Sasha get a good producer,” Bridget told viewers.

Users commented on Sasha’s YouTube channel that she needed to fire her music producer for letting her publish her songs.

On her YouTube channel, the most viewed is a gospel song whose beats are strikingly similar to secular songs.

Users commented on how her beat was off and her lyrics are too slow.

Keren Tito commented; “Your producer will not see the gates of heaven.”

Steve Ochieng added; “If this the kinda music they’ll be playing in heaven…then hell looks like a better option.”

Heena Artist stated; “Sasha…..don’t you have friends or family who love you????? Why did they allow you to do this!!!! I feel the embarrassment on your behalf!! God help you!!”

Eliud Stephen commented; “You’re confusing the faithfuls with your horrible voice.”