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Socialites Shakila, Mishi Dorah fight online over ‘cockroaches’ remark

A war of words has erupted between socialites Shakila and Mishi Dorah over “cockroaches” remarks the former made during an online interview.

It all happened when Shakila was being interviewed by comedian Eric Omondi in his YouTube channel. Shakila went ballistic while reprimanding Eric for mentioning Mishi in the show.

Shakila’s outburst was prompted by an attempt by Eric to venture into Mishi’s recent troubles that saw her being locked in jail for a month for failure to clear a bill at a Nairobi club.

“Stop mentioning cockroaches in this show. Why are you mentioning Mishi Dorah? She is gone, we left her (behind)… we are in the current. We are in Amber Ray, Shakila, Divalicious. So let’s continue with something else,” Shakila retorted.

Mishi has since responded, telling Shakila to put some respect on her name.

“Don’t start what you cannot finish. Remember that you cannot teach an old cat how to dance. Ever seen how cockroaches walk in microwaves or ovens when they are on like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? Be very careful with this insect. It’s small but mighty. It can survive anything and anywhere,” Mishi said.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress recently spent more than 30 days behind bars after she failed to settle a Sh152,000 bill she accumulated on expensive drinks at a city club.

Mishi recently explained that on the material day, she was in a celebratory mood and the management of the said club actually offered her some free drinks. She claims that at some point someone, whose identity she doesn’t reveal, came around and offered to buy another round of drinks for her and the people she was partying with.

According to Mishi, the first round of paid drinks was Sh46,000 but she didn’t bother to take stock of the subsequent rounds which she had not ordered for.