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Sol Fest Backlash: We will do better next time says Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol, the organisers of the just concluded Sol Fest, have been forced to own up to their mistake in organising the much-anticipated event.

The Grammy award-winning band on Monday evening released an official statement following fans’ negative feedback.

Fans who attended the event, which took place on Saturday night, called out the band for what they termed as a disappointing performance.

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The event, which kicked off in the afternoon, saw fans wait till the wee hours for the band to take the stage, and even after taking the stage, they performed for less than an hour to the fans’ disappointment.

In a statement, Sol Fest management acknowledged poor planning, which ultimately led to long delays, and promised to plan better in the future.

Sauti Sol at Sol Fest
Sauti Sol at Sol Fest

According to the band, the festival was created to offer a platform for Sauti Sol and Sol generation artistes and even other talented African musicians.

“Our intention was to put on a spectacular event ensuring each artist and musician received enough time to deliver their very best performances to all fans. We also put more focus on the local talent who were performing and our international guests,” the statement read in part.

“We acknowledge this may have led to some unfortunate delays in keeping the show running in a timely fashion and would like to reassure all our fans and supporters that we will plan better for this in the future.”

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The statement came after one of the band members Delvin Mudigi, alias Savara took to social media and wondered why they are always the ‘victim’.

“Sauti Sol is the punching bag. Kama kawaida,” tweeted Savara.

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The organisers of the event earlier this month were forced to move the show to a new venue, citing security as the main reason for the change.

Originally it was to take place at Fox Drive-In, Thika Road but was moved to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

In 2020, the band disappointed hundreds of fans after they announced the cancelation of their ‘Sol Saturday’ concert.

Issuing a statement, Sauti Sol apologized to their fans, saying they were ready to give a fantastic performance.

However, the band confessed that they could not ensure everyone’s health safety according to the Covid-19 regulations by the Ministry of Health.

Sauti Sol pointed out that it would be reckless of them to hold such an event due to the rising number of Covid-19 infections and deaths in the country.

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Here are some of the comments from disgruntled fans.

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