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Solomon Mkubwa: I lost my arm after my dad’s mistress bewitched me

Popular Kenya-based Congolese gospel musician Solomon Mkubwa now claims that he lost his left hand after his father’s mistress bewitched him.

In a recent radio interview, Mkubwa narrated his upbringing back home and the situation that led him to lose his one of his arms.

“I lost the arm after my dad’s ‘side chic’ bewitched me. I was 12 years old then. The arm started swelling out of the blues and with time it began to rot as well and had to be amputated.”

The singer says all this happened when his father impregnated the mistress but declined to take up the responsibilities because their affair was illicit.

“She came (the mistress) from a family that practiced witch crafty and so when my dad denied the pregnancy saying he had a family, she sort out to teach him a lesson by taking on his children with  and that’s how I was caught up in the situation. During that time I lost my sister who got ill all of a sudden and never recovered from an ailment that was never diagnosed,” Mkubwa narrated.

“It’s at this point that the family got saved.”

Mkubwa, who has lived in Kenya for the last 14 years, is well known for his well-received gospel hits such us ‘Mungu Mwenye Nguvu’, ‘Mfalme wa Amani’ and ‘Ameniweza’ among others.

He relocated to Kenya at the invitation of his compatritiot, the late gospel star Angela Chibolanza, to work on several music projects and never went back.