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Solving rows in insecure ‘D’ no big deal for chief

The Chief’s Camp at Dandora Phase 3 and 4, or the area many know as ‘D’, is  not foreign to most residents.

A day at the administrator’s office  reveals that residents prefer settling their disputes through abitration by Ms Monicah Waithira, the acting chief,  than reporting  to the police.

She says handling domestic, environmental, child abuse and labour, rape, child neglect,  debt issues and landlord-tenant disputes is the order of her day.

Domestic violence

During the time Nairobi News spent in her office, she tackled more than 10 cases of domestic violence, rape, child neglect and debts.

Madam Monicah, as residents call her, is a no-nonsense woman. She says many families seek  her help in domestic violence cases and she tackles them as they come.

Working in one of the most insecure places in Nairobi, the chief has gained a high reputation and respect from residents and District Officer Andrew Kimani.

Mr Kimani describes her as the brightest chief he has  ever dealt with in a long time.

“I have confidence in Monicah, she is able to solve all  sorts of disputes and she knows how to deal with issues concerning  young people, women and men as well,” he said.

She only has a problem when she has to go out in the estate to address disputes. The chief remembers a traumatising moment in December 2011 when she had to solve the case of a man who runs a private sewer in the estate.

Residents had complained about the sewer being a health hazard and a dispute ensued. She has since been a regular patient at Kenyatta National Hospital.

“The man just looked at me and slapped me. This has affected the hearing on my left ear and I need regular tretment. The case is still in court,” she said.

One of her greatest successes is in solving children’s issues and this has distinguished her from other chiefs.

She led nine chiefs from other sub counties and got a certificate for her good work.

Madam Monicah is well known for helping  young girls who have been defiled and rescuing those in child labour through a Locational Area Advisory Committee, which she  chairs.

Well known

When Nairobi News visited her office, she was handling a case of a girl who was defiled in Eastleigh  where she was working as a house help. All cases of child defilement in Dandora and  nearby estates are referred to her.