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Some Common Embarrassing Moments in Life

Every Nairobian has had an embarrassing moment from pushing doors that are built to be pulled or calling your ex’s name to refer to your new catch.

Whether it is out of nervousness, shyness or just being clumsy, there is no getting past that terrible feeling after you are embarrassed, most people will still go ahead to judge or even laugh at you.

However, there are some people who do the nastiest and silliest stuff but they still do not feel embarrassed so we carry the shame on their behalf.

Here are some embarrassing moments that are very common to Nairobians:

1. Food stuck in your teeth

Everyone is always shy about reminding someone they have something stuck in their teeth. The vegetables and the legumes are the biggest culprits, where you will have some green stuff on your teeth after enjoying your plate of sukuma wiki or the brown skin of a bean covering your entire tooth. From there you will innocently walk around smiling only to get to a bathroom mirror and feel like shrinking.

2. Silent room stomach growls

It is disgusting when your stomach waits until the room is quiet for it to take the opportunity to rumble. Whether in an elevator, cinema hall, class room or office, it does not feel any less embarrassing.

3. Confusing someone

That awkward moment when you confuse someone’s daughter for his wife or when you confuse a beer belly for pregnancy, your smile will immediately turn into a frown after congratulating them on their glow.

4. The Ring Tone

The unique ringtones set for special people in our lives going off in quiet settings never fails to warrant some shame. Sometimes these ringtones get us off guard for example when someone decides to intrude your privacy and change it on your behalf and then the phone goes ahead to ring in public and you feel like shrinking.

5. Tripping in public

This always happens to most Naironians out of shyness or hurry. You could be going to meet the girl of your dreams for a date and you are late so you are in a hurry and you are nervous at the same time.

So you run there but by the time you are getting to your table you trip and fall, this is a complete mood killer for anyone.

6. Wardrobe Malfunction

Sometimes our clothes can decide to let us down, from tearing unexpectedly or forgetting to zip up. It is however easier if you are not a celebrity as the whole world isn’t watching you 24/7 to capture any embarrassing moments on film.

7. Calling your Ex’s name to mean your new catch

This is common mistakes most Nairobians make and sometimes lead to separation of those in courtship or new love. It weakens love and for confidence to be restored, it calls for moment of apologies from the culprit of past relation/love.

8. Choking to death on your first date

It happens to most people out of tension. The moment the waitress serve you snacks with soda or juice, and because of not being relaxed, a piece of crips find it way into the nose leading to choking and continuous coughs that you end up attracting the entire restaurant to look at what could be happening.

9. SMSing wrong recipient

Common with those Nairobians who cram/master two or three numbers in their phonebook and they are fond of texting those numbers daily. It is especially embarrassing when you sms your parent “how, honey, the night was” instead of sending the sms to Jonny. This gives you one week of headache as you wait question from your parent in vein.

10. Meeting unexpectedly

Imagine you always avoided paying a friend’s debts or failing to return something you borrowed. And every time you see him in front of you, it means cutting corners only to encounter him in at a wedding while you are wearing the same clothes you refused to return.