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Someone asked Safaricom about cost of food and got the perfect response

A funny response from telecommunication giant Safaricom to a Facebook user has gone viral online.

Abby BA had asked Safaricom to give offers of unga packets insetad of the daily Tunukiwa bundle, SMS and talk time offer as a way of easing the high cost of living.

The company’s social media administrator recommended that Abby harvests any maize planted below any of Safaricom’s masts.

The suggestion was accompanied by a disclaimer; that Abby might meet the wrath of the opportunistic farmers who farm near the masts.


Screenshots of the conversation have gone viral, with many applauding the creativity of Safaricom’s social media manager.

The jokes around the cost of living have in the past been used by Safaricom subscribers to liven up the internet.

Here are some of them: