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#SomeoneTellSomalia: Kenyans miffed after Arab parliament sides with Somalia

June 21st, 2019 2 min read

Kenyans have expressed varied reactions following a move by the Arab parliament allegedly telling Kenya to keep off from Somalia’s boundary.

In a statement shared on Twitter by Somalia’s ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Parliament is said to have accused Kenya of drawing an unfounded map along the Kenyan- Somalia border.

“The #Arab Parliament calls on #Kenya to stop its hands on #Somali territorial waters, which are an integral part of the Arab waters, and rejects its false pretensions to draw up a new, unfounded map while rejecting its threats to interfere in #Somalia’s internal affairs,” the Somali Foreign ministry tweeted.

The Arab Parliament, however, did not specify what punitive measures, if any, it intends to take against Kenya.

Somalia is a member of the Arab league, other counties are; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan and Egypt. It was founded in 2004.

All the member countries have representatives who seat at the Arab parliament which has its headquarters in Cairo Egypt and whose speaker is Mishaal Al- Salami.


Kenyans used the hashtag #SomeoneTellSomalia on Twitter to tell off the neighbor after the statement was shared.

Mohammed Hersi‏ said: “Total crap from so called Arab Parliament. Where were the Arabs to help Somalia at its hour of need , time to shift Daddab to Arab World . Ungrateful lot. Arab Parliament my foot. You have enough on your plate from Libya to Syria to Yemen.”

Joseph Mugo said: “Don’t start what u can’t finish. Be humble and stop threatening Kenya.”

Eddy Kemoz added: “I see which arab league countries are those? syria, Iraq, palestine… none of those are stable to claim east african ocean. Iran maybe. But USA will crush them soon sad. War won’t solve anything.”

Musaa wondered: “Who the hell is #Arab Parliament? #SomeoneTellSomalia to adjudicate its stance through the courts…Do not attempt to issue such threats again!”

Shariff Hassan‏ said: “Kenya and Somalia are not utilizing the resources that they already have and here they are bickering on unchartered waters. Africans will never miss an opportunity to showcase their ingrained primitively.”

Aggrey Kituyi‏ added: “#SomeoneTellSomalia Kenya should withdraw its troops today from Somalia and close our borders with these fools.”

The differences between Kenya and Somalia has been escalating with Kenya having recalled its ambassador to Somalia Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Lucas Tumbo.

Kenya maintains that the disputed piece of land is hers and vows not to let it go even as it accuses Somalia of allegedly auctioning of oil and gas blocks despite an ongoing case over the matter at the International Court of Justice.

Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma earlier this year said that the Kenyan Government had learnt that Somalia was planning to auction the said area before January 2020.

However, Somalia has ever since maintained that there were no plans to offer any blocks on the disputed land and that it was equally waiting for the decision that will be made by International Court of Justice(ICJ).

Kenya is unhappy with the involvement of a Norwegian firm in “redrawing” of its map. Norwegian oil firm DNO has been contracted to prospect for oil in the disputed area.

Reliable reports indicate that Kenya has protested to Norwegian government for allowing its firm to be used in the demarcation.

In August 2014, Somalia sued Kenya at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands, for unlawful operations in her maritime territory.