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Something is quite not right with this Jubilee Party launch picture

A photo of party officials during the Tuesday launch of the new Jubilee Party in State House has sparked a fresh debate on the lack of involvement of women and youth in party leadership.

The photo dominated by male politicians was among those shared on Facebook by President Uhuru Kenyatta prompting Kenyans to react.

As some questioned why women and youth were missing, other’s defended the photo stating that it was that of party leaders of the affiliate parties that will join the new Jubilee Party.


The claim was, however, not received well as critics went on to add that it was an indication that even the affiliate parties never embraced gender equality.

A user George Kopiyo noted, “For such an important function, like the establishment of a new political party, I do not see the involvement of women, who are the majority in our Republic. From the word go, Jubilee was not serious about empowering women. Even with this new JAP thing, it is still a club of male chauvinism save for some two powerless flower girls. We need more women in positions of leadership…Our collective apologies to the lady in red. They almost elbowed her out!”

To that he received a response from Karanja Mugure: “It depends by how many women dissolved their parties to join the mighty JP, if we parade women in front mnasema ni PR, if in war men are always in the frontline or where you come from you put women in front?”

President Uhuru Kenyatta with deputy President William Ruto at State House, Nairobi, on August 09, 2016. PHOTO | PSCU
President Uhuru Kenyatta with deputy President William Ruto at State House, Nairobi, on August 09, 2016. PHOTO | PSCU


George Kopiyo went on, “Karanja Mugure the bottom line – Let us empower our women. They are in the majority. It is only fair that way. The rest about nani atasema is neither here or there.”

The particular photo also received its fair share of criticism as users faulted the party leadership.

Betsy K. Warui commented, “Women, youth MIA??? Kweli Kenya is yet to mature politically!”

Maggie Miano added, “I don’t see much of female representation. Don’t use women as fillers but we need our place as a principal. This could be an expensive mistake.”

Zakayo Muchogo questioned, “Sasa..kwani hakuna wanawake?”

Edwin Lallo commented, “It’s so clear here that Uhuru na Ruto yake doesn’t have a place for Women and the youths…. We need a leadership that has space for the youths.”

Micah Ngetich added, “Congrats Mr president hope that the party will enhance democracy and unite Kenyans more. Think about ways of increasing women and the youth reps.”


President Kenyatta on Tuesday announced that the new Jubilee party would be formally launched during a national convention on September 9-10.

Affiliate parties will be wound up on September 8 at simultaneous conventions to formalise resolutions to fold their entities and join the new outfit.