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Sometimes he rolls me like chapati… Stella Nyanzi brags about younger lover

By Winnie Mabel September 11th, 2023 3 min read

Exiled Ugandan politician/scholar Ms Stella Nyanzi stunned her online followers when she published several posts bragging about her younger lover and his bedroom skills in detail.

Known for her controversial sentiments on various topics, she did not shy away from candidly explaining how her man loved her in and out of the bedroom while on tour in Ghana.

“My lover, the only man who has excited my loins for years, shared the last seven days with me. We lived gently and loved hard inside a small round cottage with a grass thatched roof on the shores of the River Volta,” began Ms Nyanzi.

She went on to explain the various nature and decibels of their ‘meetings’ that left her content, going as far as vividly using food to explain his prowess- including her being rolled like a chapati.

“African women living in exile with lovers who stayed back home in Africa can face difficult challenges with our sex lives, sexualities, and loneliness. And so, I am grateful that I had full access to my lover for the whole week – thanks to a circle of African(ist) feminist sister-thinkers who allowed me to bring my amazing lover to the Volta. I am loved!” said Ms Nyanzi in one of her posts.

In a separate social media post, she said her lover is special among all men because they also share experiences of being ex-political prisoners who believe in the liberation of Uganda from President Yoweri Museveni.

“My lover is special among all men because in addition to sharing innumerable experiences of being ex-political-prisoners, because we believe in the liberation of Uganda from dictator Museveni, we also share a deep commitment to the complex concept of African unity. Where he is a strident believer in Pan-Africanism, I am a believer who interrogates the place of women, minorities, and dissidents within Pan-African thinking and practice. We often debate this.

And so, it was wonderful to go with my lover to visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Park in the heart of Accra. A larger-than-life statue of the Osagyefo is draped in gold and raised on a black marble podium. He stares straight ahead and points his index finger forward. Below him are two elegant lines of full-sized statues of men crouched down while intently blowing horns. They sit in a bed of water. Every once in a while, jet streams of cooling water are sprayed out of the horns, awakening the ambiance all around the mausoleum.

Right behind this impressive memorial is the majestic mausoleum made of marble. Within the mausoleum is the grave of this great revolutionary son of Africa. As a good Muganda woman, I knelt down in reverence at the feet of this great leader. I reported dictator Museveni to Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. And then we went to see the grave of Mrs Fathia Nkrumah, his wife.

Unlike Uganda, my home country where former presidents’ graves are cracking and surrounded with overgrown weeds, Ghana has done very well in commemorating her first prime minister and president. In spite of controversies and some disappointments in his governance, Nkrumah’s legacy is publicly upheld for young and old, foreigners and locals, men and women to witness. There is a museum with artifacts of personal belonging, photos from his private and public life, a tunnel with diverse textual quotes written on the walls, sound recordings playing from audio speakers, and a video film of the Independence film showing from an LSD screen. Ghana is ahead of Uganda in this regard!” concluded Ms Nyanzi.

Ms Nyanzi fled to Kenya in February 2021 after citing political persecution by President Museveni’s government. According to her lawyer, Professor George Wajackoyah, she sought political asylum in Kenya after claiming actions of abductions and detentions of political actors were making their way to her doorstep. She also said her children were being trailed by police and as she had just left prison a few months earlier, she did not want to go back.

She and her children found safety in Kenya before she relocated to Germany.

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