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Songbird Jovial says no to collabos

Kenyan songbird Jovial, born Juliet Ayub, has maintained that she is single and happy despite media reports suggesting the contrary.

Via a question and answer session on her Instagram, the artist was asked by a fan if she is single and she responded by saying that she indeed is single, and happy. “I’m single and happy,” read the answer by the singer.

This has come as a shock to many of the musician’s fans as just last year the singer had disclosed that she was in love with one of her fans.

Jovial, famed for many hit songs including Jeraha, revealed during an exclusive interview that she prefers dating a fan than fellow musicians and public figures.

She further stated that her preference in a man is having a good personality, and being a gentleman. In this regard, the singer made it known to the public that she was in a relationship with one of her fans, who was making her happy.

With this in mind, many of her fans are now speculating when she and her mystery man called it quits, whereas others take this opportunity to try out their luck with the singer.

Despite her efforts to keep her love life under wraps, there have always been rumors making rounds on the internet about the man the singer is dating, including years ago when many of her fans alleged that she and her former employer and singer Otile Brown were an item.

Jovial quickly shut down the rumors where she clarified they have never dated and that they were just working together. She further stated that she does not mix business and pleasure.

The singer split from Otile Brown’s record label ‘Just in love’ in 2019, which led fans to believe that the two had a romantic encounter. Jovial, however, said that they separated amicably and are on good terms.

The artist also recently announced she will no longer be doing any collabos with any artist anytime soon.

“No more collabos featuring me. Those that will be released are those I did last year, and those I engaged other artists. I’m grateful for we have learned a lot from each other. If you never got a chance to work with me, you never know, though I don’t want to make any finalities. But for now, forgive me. There are many requests, but I can’t take any at the moment,” wrote the singer.