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Songbird Lady Maureen appeals for help after hospital admission

By Ian Byron January 31st, 2020 2 min read

Popular Kenyan songstress Maureen Achieng, popularly known as Lady Maureen, has been admitted in a Migori hospital.

The Ohangla songbird was admitted at Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital in the outskirts of Migori.

Ms Eveline Osewe, a nurse attending to Lady Maureen, said she was diagnosed with severe anemia and malaria noting that she was in a stable condition.

“The patient was brought here from St Joseph Omboo Mission Hospital in a bad condition but she has improved,” said the Nurse.

“She is out of danger, her condition has greatly improved and soon she will be discharged,” she said.


The musician complained of back pain following an operation, which she told Nairobi News had left her immobile.

“I find it hard to get up and even walk on my own. My legs are too weak and I have to be supported to walk. It’s traumatising but I believe I will get better,” she said from her hospital bed.

Lady Maureen, famed for her Safari ya Canaan song during the 2017 election, narrated her battle with anemia for the last two years visiting several hospitals to contain the situation. She also worked with Cord in the 2013 election.

ODM leader Raila Odinga joins artist Lady Maureen in a dance in Kibera during a rally on the September 7, 2014. PHOTO | FILE

“I have undergone a surgery at St Francis hospital in Nairobi where medics diagnosed me with hypertension and low blood pressure. It has been a long battle and now I’m undergoing treatment for anemia which has drained me financially,” she said.

She has called on well-wishers to come to her aid in seeking medication.

Lady Maureen said the illness started weeks after she was released from a Tanzanian prison in 2018 where she was jailed together with other 15 band members.

They were charged and held in prison for two weeks for working in Tanzania without permits, a claim she said was meant to tarnish her image though negative publicity.