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Songbird Marya opens up on pregnancy, frustrations

Songbird Marya has shared the reasons as to why she thinks her music career has not been as successful as she expected.

While owning up to her mistakes, Marya born Mary Wanjiru Maina says she used her money unwisely and that ended up costing her after Ogopa Deejays did not renew her contract.

“I got good money from when I was 22 years old and I had no one to guide me on saving and investments hence had a fast living life,” she adds.

Marya also admits dating her Dubai based boyfriend cost her, as she would travel a lot to meet him and ended up getting a job in a call center.

“Getting the job made me focus less on my music career.”

Coming back to Kenya confused and five months pregnant, Marya reveals she was depressed and thought of committing suicide.

“The people I approached at that time, people who I thought could help did not. I was all alone. I could not fathom how I would survive as a single mother,” she says.

While talking about the rumors that she was working in a brothel, the Sishiki simu singer adds she has never recovered and the news have been destabilizing her up to date.

“I associated myself with a clique of bad women and for sure women are our own worst enemies. It still hurts I meet people who abuse me to my face because of that story,” she explains.

Talking about music artists in Kenya, Marya says it is hard for musicians to support each other and it is even harder when an artist does not have a manager.

“Music industry is not a walk in the park especially for women. Tread carefully and have a strong support system.”

Currently, she runs an online business that deals with accessories and clothes but she says she is going to come back to the music industry.