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Songs praising politicians/personalities in 2022

By Mercy Simiyu October 16th, 2022 2 min read

The relationship between music and politics has continued to grow.

Politicians prefer using music as a tool of communication with the electorate.

The effectiveness of music as a mode of communication is what makes it a valuable asset to politicians.

Thus, various songs have been tailored specifically to praise certain leaders or to communicate certain agendas.

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The political season normally provides opportunities for advocates of policies for social change and those favoring social stability to advocate their particular cause.

Campaign songs help spread the message from candidates to the voter.

Below are some of the songs that shaped political campaigns in the country:

Leo Ni Leo Remix – Emmanuel Musindi ft. Raila

It was a surprise for many when Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga was featured by Emmanuel Musindi in the remix of his viral ‘Leo Ni Leo’ song. Raila in the song advocates for a peaceful country.

He uses the song to sell out his agenda and narrates to the electorates about the good qualities that he wants for Kenya.

The song is written in the Luhya and Swahili language. The song was treated to a warm reception by Kenyans and has gained close to a million views within one month on YouTube.


Abba Ruto Tosha by Abush Chinninto ft Karole Karroa

For the first time ever on Kenyan soil, an orma song(Also Borana) is hitting the headlines with praises of President William Ruto.

The song was meant to praise Hussein Dhadho, a former governor.

In relevance to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), the song extends support to William Ruto by repetition of the phrase, “Abba Dhadho Tosha, Ruto Tosha, Raisi Wetu, Tunasema Ruto Tosha”

Wajackoyah ‘anthem’-Bandeet group

The four-minute song is dedicated to heaping praises on the renowned lawyer who contested for the presidency in the August 2022 polls.

The singers show excitement with among others, the presidential hopeful’s move to legalize the cultivation and sale of bhang.