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Sonko aide: I’m not a terrorist

By David Kwalimwa February 26th, 2021 1 min read

An aide to former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has shared his experience behind bars, saying he thought he would die when he was nabbed on terrorism-related accusations.

Benjamin Odhiambo alias Solo spoke to Nairobi News moments after he walked to freedom on Friday.

He spent 25 days in custody and his lawyer John Khaminwa convinced Court his client was innocent as police had not preferred any charges against him.

Incidentally, Odhiambo was arrested outside the Kahawa Law Courts where he had gone to visit Sonko.

“I knew I was dying. I was arrested and covered with sacks and taken to places I did not know. I was suffocating,” he claimed.

“They drove me to my home and took most of the electronics including my children’s laptop.”

He adds: “I’m not a terrorist. I was picked because the (former) governor (Mike Sonko) is a friend. I have forgiven all those who wanted to destroy my future.”

Odhiambo says police treated him professionally. “At Muthaiga (Police Station), I was allowed a mattress and food from home because we would eat cabbages all day.”

“I appeal to President (Uhuru) Kenyatta to unite the country. He should not allow his people to intimidate those with separate political affiliations. He has less than two years remaining (as President). Presidents (Daniel) Moi and (Mwai) Kibaki did not intimidate people during their final months in office.”

Sonko, meanwhile, remains admitted at the Nairobi hospital. He is battling separate charges relating to corruption and robbery with violence.