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Sonko asks Kenyans to pray for his ailing dad

By HILARY KIMUYU September 6th, 2015 2 min read

Nairobi Senator Gideon Mbuvi alias Mike Sonko’s father, Gideon Kioko Kivanguli, has been admitted to Intensive Care Unit at a Nairobi hospital.

Sonko, who is yet to disclose the ailment his dad is suffering from, took to social media on Saturday to inform the public about the sad news.

“Dear Kenyans, my father is in the ICU at a Nairobi hospital,” Sonko wrote on his Facebook page.

He also requested Kenyans to remember his father in their prayers, and that he is hopeful God will heal him.

“Kindly pray for him. God I believe you heal, You healed baby Satrin, baby Scandy Chelangat, Mariam and millions of patients with serious complications. God heal my dad and all the patients admitted in different hospitals countrywide in the mighty name of Jesus,” his post read.

The request touched many of his followers who filled his timeline with numerous get well messages for his dad.


His father has been in and out of hospital this year. His condition worsened last week and he was rushed to hospital for treatment.

His followers wished him well while also thanking him for his services to Kenyans.

“Our God, the great physician has heard your cry and everything will be well in Jesus mighty name. Amen,” Favoured Ndinda said.

“Woi pole for your pain. JESUS did say that He rose to tell you Mr sonko for your pain He died.. by His beating and bleeding Was for you and your family’s healing (sic). So steadfast hold on to this truth in the bible, for everything else is a lie,” Angela Mbula, wrote.

“Jesus in this hour of need, senator sonko desires to see ur hand, how I pray that u may remember the good things he has done for us…amem,” Bishop Sue Mbuthia said.

“May God graciously hear your pray and heal dad. Quick recovery dad,” Prissy Nduta Njeru wrote.