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Sonko blasts bloggers, media who troll him on social media

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has blasted bloggers and journalists who pick his posts on social media and turn them to news.

This was after bloggers and sections of mainstream media misreported Sonko’s post over the weekend.

Nairobi News was not among the outlets that published the Facebook post.

The post was an advice to young couples drawn from  Sonko’s previous experience in Kibera where he was drugged and spent the night away from home. His wife was furious the next morning and Sonko had go to great lengths to soothe her anger.

Sonko wrote: Kama mimi jana nilienda campaign Kibera bila bodyguards nikaekewa mchele. Nimeingia kwa nyumba asubuhi mama karibu alete shida but nikampeleka out tukiwa wawili nikamwambia I am sorry.”

“Think of your family today and every day thereafter, don’t let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family. Let’s end domestic violence in Nairobi. When you wrong your wife just learn to ask for forgiveness and learn to say sorry.”

The innocuous post was misreported by bloggers and sections of the media to mean that the flambouyant Senator had actually been drugged in Kibera over the weekend.

Truth is, the Senator is on vacation with his family at the Coast.

Sonko, in his rebuke at the bloggers and sections of the media, said he has a right to draw from his personal experiences when interacting with his followers on his official pages.

“I have the right of interacting with my over 890,000 fans on my official page. Sijakua Kibra nilileta watoy coast since friday. I was just giving an example ya couples kuvumiliana kwa marriages na kulearn kuforgive your wife/hubby kama mumekoseana. Ukikosa tell him/her im sorry Love usikubali your relationship ya many years kubomoka especially fir those who have kids together. Hii mpasho yenu kama hamujui kupasha mutapashwa useless.”