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Sonko flies into a rage after busting ‘Jik cartel’ at Pumwani Maternity – VIDEO

August 2nd, 2018 2 min read


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has busted a cartel which discreetly charges expectant mothers for delivering at Pumwani Maternity Hospital in Nairobi.

This is despite a policy by the Jubilee government for free maternity care to all expectant mothers with National Hospital Insurance Fund cards at public hospitals in the country.

In an undated video, Sonko is seen randomly visiting mothers who had just delivered at the health facility only to shockingly discover that they had been billed for cash meant to purchase washing detergent Jik.

This left the Governor fuming in rage while demanding explanations for the anomaly.

Below are excerpts of Sonko’s conversation with the patient at the hospital:

Sonko: How are you mum? Congratulations (on a successful delivery). When did you deliver?

Patient: Yesterday.

Sonko: Has the management charged you for delivering?

Patient: (Speaks in a low voice and then hands over a note to the governor).

Sonko: Wapi Waziri (Where is the Minister in charge)?  Why are patients buying Jik here? Why?  You are not aware? Kuzaa ni bure (delivery is free)

Hospital matron: We don’t have Jik here but is required on a regular basis.

Sonko: (Turns to his Ministry staff) Where do you expect this patient to get money to buy Jik? From here tukutane kwa ofisi (Let’s meet at the office) I am going to deal with all of you.

The Governor then turned to the patient and offers her Sh5,000.

Shika uende ununue dawa. Si uko na mtu yako unaweza tuma? Enda nunua dawa.” (Please go purchase the required medication, do you have someone to run this errand for you? Go buy the medication.)

Sonko later walks to another patient in the same facility only to discover she has also been billed for Jik. He is also seen handing some money to the patient.