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Sonko confesses to smoking weed in Parliament with colleague

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has confessed sensational details about his marijuana smoking days in Parliament during his tenure as Makadara MP.

And that’s not all. The governor claims to have shared puffs with a former Nairobi colleague in the precincts of Parliament.

Presumably, the two would routinely sneak out for their smoking sessions before strolling back to the chambers to discuss affairs of the nation while still under the heavy influence of marijuana.

In a tell-it-all interview with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange on Wednesday night, Governor Sonko revealed some secrets that many would rather have them to stay in the closet.

Sonko: “When we were MPs we used to smoke bhang with (a former colleague) in some toilet there. He used to hide bhangi in his socks. Mimi sasa nimewacha, lakini (the former colleague) bado anavuta bangi.”

Jeff: “You can’t say that on air without evidence. ”

Sonko: “I have evidence, we used to smoke with him in the toilet, he used to hide them inside his socks. I stopped but he is still smoking.”

Sonko’s confession of abusing marijuana comes as no surprise to city residents. He has previously been photographed  quaffing copious  amounts of hard liqueur.

He has also been sharing photos of the interior of his home in Mua Hills, showing off his well stoked shelves of various brands of high end liqueur.