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Sonko considers resigning as burden of office gets heavier

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko shocked city residents on Wednesday after hinting at resigning due to the overwhelming workload.

In an early morning cryptic post on social media, the Governor openly confesses to a hectic responsibility at City Hall.

Sonko said he will soon share details of the frustrating aspects of his job and seek advice from Nairobians on what to do.

“Lakini pia mujue hii kazi imekua ngumu iko karibu kunishinda na sio mambo ya flag hizo nimekubali kutoa as adviced by Karanja Kibicho na Ndegwa but nitawambia very soon ni kwanini ndio muniadvice,” read part of the post.

He then finishes by throwing shade at the former Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe, cheekily saying that he would first ask advice from his supporters before doing anything, unlike his “brother” who left without consulting.

“iskue kama yule my bro aliehepa bila kuconsult.Kuweni na siku njema yenye mafanikio na baraka tele na Mungu awalinde nyote,”

Sonko also gave an update on the county’s revenue collections, thanking tax payers for surpassing daily targets.



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