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Sonko cracks the whip after Lang’ata fire leaves four dead

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has sent on compulsory leave, the Director in Charge of the Fire Department Brian Kisali for poorly coordinating the operation to fight Sunday’s fire in Langata.

In his letter to Mr Kisali, Governor Sonko said that the team did not carry out their duties and responsibilities as required of him as the officer in charge of the Fire and Rescue services.

“You were aware that a fire broke out at Langata Southland and your team lacked direction and coordination, resulting in deaths and loss of property due to mismanagement of the fire disaster,” the letter stated.

The Governor referred to Section 44(4) of the Employment Act, which provides for the summary dismissal of any employee who willfully neglects his duty or carelessly and improperly performs his duty.

“It is contemplated that you be interdicted from the service but before this is done, you are called upon to Show Cause why this action should not be taken against you,” Mr Sonko said in the letter signed by the County Secretary Leboo Ole Morintat.