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Sonko finds ‘delicious’ solution to stray dogs nuisance in Nairobi

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has come up with an ingenious solution to help curb the rising number of stray dogs in the city.

According to Sonko, the county government is in the process of identifying a suitable area to set up a market that will strictly deal with the sale of dog meat.

Sonko said the market will also target bringing together dog eating nationalities in the country.

“Soko ya Mbwa coming soon to Nairobi. We are in the process of identifying a market for stray dogs in Nairobi where we shall be recruiting and bringing together all the dog eating nationalities and open for them a Koroga club where they’ll be buying slaughtered stray dogs ready for cooking or eating,” Sonko said in a Facebook post.


However, when Nairobi News contacted Nairobi County Chief Media Officer Elkana Jacob over the matter, he said that the county is planning to establish vaccination centres for stray dogs in the city.

Elkana said that after receiving vaccination, the dogs would then be kept and sold to will buyers who wish to keep them as pets.

“What the county government is working on is to come up with centres where the stray dogs will be captured and taken for vaccination. They will then be kept at the centres where those who wish to be dog owners will be allowed to get one,” he said.


Online, Sonko’s sentiments attracted varied views:

“Muheshimiwa this is how we are going to show hospitality to our creditors, by eating their staple food?” asked Vicky Vicky.

“Kindly bwana Gavana there are so many stray dogs in Umoja Innercore kindly help us to eliminate them,” said Onyinkwa Kefah.

“Eating dogs is unbiblical, unchristian, unafrican and unethical. It’s evil. Mr Governor, review your plan,” wrote Elphas Kipleting.

“Stop play cat and mouse game sonko ulisema Uta fix Nairobi. We want clean city, water and sewage drainage, bursary fees and jobs. Hiyo mambo ya doggy apana,” commented Dhaxanride Abdikh.

“How is this funny, acceptable or relevant? Instead of addressing real issues affecting Kenyans you are here addressing unnecessary issues and by all means being inhumane. How is this leadership?” asked Parky Kamau.

“Let’s first fix the traffic in CBD bfru start selling dogs,” said Mwari wa Njuguna.


In the past City residents have raised concern over the growing number of stray dogs in the city that have become a nuisance.

In April Muriithi Muhari, the county Veterinary Services director said Nairobi will spend Sh100 million to kill stray dogs in the next one year in the city.

This is because the dogs have become a menace having bitten school children and causing road accidents.

World Animal Protection however, opposed this plan by Nairobi City County to kill more than 50,000 stray dogs.

The lobby group argued the county to instead direct the funds to a vaccination and sterilization exercises.